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Form Library


Fomir create form by passing a form schema which is a json tree. the form schema is very flexible, you can create any form by the schema.


Every thing in form schema is state, you can build the form interface easily. it's useful when you create a dynamic form.

High Performance

In some case, form performance is very important. Performance of Fomir is high because of subscription-based form state management. It will not rerender the whole form when you update a single field.

Sharing and Collaborating

In fomir, the component property in form schema decide how to render the form field. Fomir will push you to create some form component like Input, Select, DatePicker... this will make it easy to share form component in you team.

Low-code friendly

Fomir builds form with schema, so fomir is very easy to use in low-code scenarios. when you want to create something like form builder, Fomir might be a good choice.

Strongly Typed

Fomir Form provides strong typing via Typescript to allow you to catch common bugs at coding time, and providng the coding intellisense.