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Schema is the most important concept of Fomir.

Shape of schema

interface FormSchema<T = any> {
submitting?: boolean
submitted?: boolean
submitCount?: number

validating?: boolean
dirty?: boolean
valid?: boolean
status?: Status

labelWidth?: number | string

components?: Record<string, any>

// children?: (Node | FieldNode | ArrayFieldNode | ArrayFieldItemNode)[]
children: Node[]

validationMode?: 'onChange' | 'onBlur' | 'onSubmit' | 'onTouched'

watch?: {
[key: string]: <T extends FieldNode = any>(nextData: T, prevData: T) => any

* callback when form submit
* @param values current values
onSubmit?(values: T): Promise<any> | any

* callback when form error
* @param errors current errors
onError?(errors: Errors<T>): Promise<any> | any

* callback when reset form
onReset?(): Promise<any> | any

[key: string]: any

The root node of schema is an object. it has a children property, children value is the node list.

Shape of node

interface BaseNode {
component: string

label?: any

showLabel?: boolean

required?: boolean

description?: any

componentProps?: any

value?: any

error?: string

warning?: string

loading?: boolean

pending?: boolean

touched?: boolean

disabled?: boolean

focused?: boolean

display?: boolean

visible?: boolean

status?: Status

text?: string

options?: Options

data?: any

updaters?: ((...args: any[]) => void)[]

renderChildren?: (node: any) => any